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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

How To Reduce Stomach Fat

Many people want to lose stomach fat. Not only does it help you look good, you will feel good also. Also, the loss of fat will show your muscles. However, aerobic exercises use fat from all over your body. So aiming to reduce stomach fat will also reduce fat from all around your body.
80% of ab training is dependent on diet, the other 15-19% is based on training of the body. Do heavy, heavy weightlifting with compound exercises and truly bust your butt in the gym. If you are going to run, run wind sprints. That other 1-5% is your direct ab training. Your abdominal muscles don't get a whole lot bigger (your only goal in ab training), and 95-99% of results are generated by losing body fat while maintaining muscle.
Control your diet. Eat healthy foods, smaller portions, and aim for slightly more protein and slightly less processed carbohydrates.
Drink as much water as possible: it aids in digestion, fullness, and fat burning (a dehydrated body will not be able to break down fat and use it as energy)and flushes out toxins
Avoid a sedentary life; move around as often as you can. Instead of taking a bus, walk. Instead of using the remote to change the channel, get up and do it yourself. These are just quick examples to get you started.
Do abdominal exercises, such as sit-ups, crunches, and core lifts such as front squats, dead lifts, and other lifts that you normally associate with competitive bodybuilders.

Eat a large percentage of your carbs in the morning or after training hard. Eat your protein and fat evenly throughout the day.
Whey protein powder is the fastest digesting and a great way to build muscle faster. It is impossible to build muscle without enough protein in your body.
Medicine balls are great to use for crunches as well!
Use weights and other tools. Or be resourceful and use household items!
As the saying says, "Eat breakfast like a King, lunch like a Queen, and eat dinner like a pauper."
Avoid foods like cheese, fried foods, ice cream, and some salads, as they bloat the stomach when digesting.
Try finding a picture of a really fit model on the Internet or in a magazine. Cut out your face and put it on the body, hang it on the wall and you will constantly be inspired. It may be weird, but it works great! Begin cutting out sugar from your diet. Start with removing beverages with a lot of sugar, like soda.